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Chong Keng Hua

Interactive map of the projects created by Chong´s Opportunity Lab (O-Lab) in Asia.

Chong Keng Hua speaks about Slow design at the DESIAP (Design for Social Innovation in Asia-Pacific) event in Singapore.

Recommended reading:
Keng Hua Chong, Zheng Jia, Debbie Loo, Mihye Cho, “Successful Aging in High-density City State: A Review of Singapore’s Aging Policies and Urban Initiatives”, in Caro, Francis G., Kelly Fitzgerald, eds., International Perspectives on Age-Friendly Cities, Taylor & Francis, 2015.

Niels Hendriks / Andrea Wilkinson

About the Dementia Lab, co-founded by Hendriks and Wilkinson.

A(t)Home: artistic and design-based interventions within residential care that reinforce the feeling of home for a person with dementia.

Roos van Amstel

De Bildung Academie, a bottom up initiative run by highly motivated students and university teachers from Amsterdam, created by Van Amstel.

About de Bildung Academie.

Adam Thorpe

About Desis Lab-UK Network (Design for Social Innovation and Sustainability), where Thorpe is a collaborator.

Design Against Crime Lab, an approach to social innovation that emerged at Central Saint Martins (CSM).

Blanca Zúñiga

Articles about the educational model at University of Talca´s School of Architecture, where Zúñiga teaches.

Publication by University of Talca´s School of Architecture.

José Allard

“Diseños para la emergencia” (Santiago, 2016), a book edited by Allard that brings together projects by students related to emergencies.

Publications by Wayfinding, a consultory on signalization and optimization of spaced, co-founded by Allard.

Carla Cipolla

TRANSIT database: research results, critical turning points database and other resources produced between 2014 and 2017

Publications by Desis (Design for Social Innovation and Sustainability).

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