Fundación Pro Educación CENTRO


“A school is a seedbed. It’s where everything begins, everything grows.”
Jan Hendrix | Mexican-Dutch Artist

Ever since it was founded, CENTRO has offered scholarships to its pupils with various programs and through strategic partnerships with industry and by recognizing academic excellence. Outstanding students who have been given this opportunity to complete their studies have gone on to achieve success, garnering international awards, working as entrepreneurs and collaborating with leading companies and clients in the creative economy.

Even though the CENTRO scholarship program is very generous – on average 30% of students enrolled each semester benefit – there are many other talented students who lack the sufficient resources to access or continue studying their undergraduate degrees. CENTRO’s education foundation is committed to providing opportunities to the young, talented and committed, regardless of their socio-economic level.
The main objective of this initiative is to increase the funds to offer scholarships to outstanding students and thus contribute to the creative drive behind the Mexican economy.

CENTRO has an extensive recruitment program for pupils across Mexico. Support for the university’s education foundation means benefits for candidates from all over the country. In many cases this can contribute to the development and growth of creative industries in the students’ places of origin.

Mexico needs creative professionals skilled in strategy, innovation and entrepreneurism, people whose creativity adds value and competitive advantages to products and services. It is essential that we support initiatives with a real impact on improving our society. Fundación Pro Educación Centro A.C. is a not-for-profit organization established primarily to foster Mexico’s creative talent by generating and raising funds to be disbursed for undergraduate and postgraduate scholarships.

We offer various donation plans. You can make your contribution to:
Bank: Santander Mexico S.A.
Account: 65-50367420-6
Clabe (Interbank transfer code):014180655036742062
Please send your transfer receipt to the following email addresses:
Natalia Morayta and in order to request your donation receipt.