Contemporary Jewelry Design
Official course registration, RVOE N° 20160728 | September 30, 2016


The high-quality work of its craftsmen has given Mexico a reputation as having some of the world’s most innovative jewelry designers and producers. This has sparked a growing interest in innovation, both conceptually and in terms of techniques and materials.
This study program seeks to give professionals the theory and techniques to transform and broaden their horizons for jewelry designs, opening a door for them to enter this industry and enabling them to develop their careers in Mexico and abroad.

Experienced professional designers wishing to branch out or develop skills to create new business opportunities in contemporary jewelry.

Students completing the course will have a mastery of traditional techniques such as the specialized manufacturing of jewelry items, with an innovative and broad-ranging approach to the industry and its distribution and marketing structures. This will enable them to develop their careers as independent entrepreneurs or to establish their names within existing companies.

The specialization is divided into two semesters: the first consists of five subjects on the origin and evolution of contemporary jewelry, with classes on drawing techniques and research into techniques and materials. The second semester explores these processes in further detail and also develops issues related to marketing and communication in preparation for the end-of-course project.

Context of contemporary jewelry
Origins of jewelry and its evolution until the present day.
Drawing and design
Importance of jewelry and 2D conceptual processes as essential tools for contemporary jewelry design in order to transform ideas into innovative concepts.
Exploration of materials
Understanding properties and applications of different materials in the jewelry-design process.
Advanced manufacturing
Prototyping techniques and tools, and digital visualizations for advanced jewelry manufacture and design.
Metals laboratory I
Noble metals and their alloys; traditional techniques and special processes for working with metal in jewelry.

Metals laboratory II
Further studies of advanced processes specifically related to working with noble metals and their applications in the design and manufacture of contemporary jewelry.
Marketing strategies
The importance of creating a differentiation strategy, expressible through a brand, and identifying methods for positioning this brand for its marketing.
Communication and image
An introduction to different marketing-related graphic, written and oral techniques to communicate jewelry design aimed at different target audiences.
End-of-course project
A personal project, synthesizing the student’s knowledge and skills acquired in the other specialization courses.

Honors degree* | Project portfolio | Letter of motivation | Interview
* For CENTRO undergraduates, this specialization can count towards the degree requirements in lieu of a thesis.

August | Course length: 1 year (2 semesters) | Credits: 45 | Class schedule: Mondays, 6.00pm-10.00pm; Thursdays, 7.00pm-10.00pm.