International Students


CENTRO is an institution of higher education specializing in design, communication, film and digital media studies, located in Mexico City, one of the largest metropolitan centers in the world. Belonging to CENTRO’s creative community gives you direct access to an immeasurable cultural universe, and contact with a wide network of working professionals in Mexico City’s creative industries. With its diversity of transdisciplinary and sustainable programs, you can choose the courses that most closely match your interests.

A confirmed academic exchange agreement, signed by the relevant authorities of the institution of origin and CENTRO. You can also apply as an independent candidate, in case your institution of education does not have an agreement with CENTRO.
Minimum grade point average of 8.0/10 or the equivalent.
Spanish language proficiency, and be able to use Spanish in an academic setting.
Authorization given by the institution of origin.

Your chosen undergraduate degree program at CENTRO.

The admissions forms from the Exchange Program Office (Departamento de Intercambio Estudiantil)

Scanned copies of the requested documentation to CENTRO’s Academic Mobility Office.

With the course director, if accepted onto the study program.

The CENTRO introductory course one week before the start of classes.

For the spring period: November 1
For the autumn period: July 1

Spring period: third week of January
Autumn period: third week of August

Yes, provided that you have studied a majority of classes related to your chosen undergraduate degree program. These requests must be agreed with the course director of the undergraduate degree program chosen for your exchange.

About one week before the course’s start date, which is specified on your welcome pack that you will receive once your exchange application has been accepted by CENTRO.

The Academic Mobility Office provides this service on request, since accommodation services are arranged independently from the university.