Official course registration, N° 20160733 | September 30, 2016


This Masters will be of interest to architects and developers involved in planning and building contemporary collective housing.

Students work on collective housing projects, from architectural design, housing typologies, the flexibility and mobility of new programs, sustainability, building systems and new materials.

You will examine case studies, based on the best examples of residential architecture from the 20th century until the present day.

Collective housing proposals for different income groups, and on different scales.

Graduates will be familiar with best local and global practices, as well as the tools to allow them to plan from a conceptual level to producing an executive project for a contemporary collective housing project.

Director, Miquel Adrià
5 modules
2 workshops
2 seminars

Domus and the city: From the political to the urban realm | Alejandro Hernández
Housing policy | Surella Segú
The collective aspect of housing | Francisco Pardo
Thesis seminar I | Juan José Kochen
Workshop: The social housing project ideal | Miquel Adrià + Fernando Tepichín + Josep Bohigas

Creating the city with housing | Miquel Adrià
Community and sustainability | Rozana Montiel
Project workshop | Miquel Adrià + Fernando Tepichín
Thesis seminar II | Juan José Kochen

Alejandro Aravena, Fernanda Canales, Saidee Springall & Jose Castillo, Ernesto Alva, Enrique X. de Anda, Carlos González Lobo, Paloma Silva CONAVI, Paulina Campos, Carlos Zedillo INFONAVIT, Javier Sánchez, Rodrigo Díaz, Yuri Zagorín, Félix Sánchez, Víctor Alcérreca, Juan Carral.

Honors degree | Letter of motivation | Interview | Advanced English

January | Course length: 1 year (full time) (two semesters) | Credits: 78 | Class schedule: From Monday to Thursday, 6.00pm-10.00pm.