Mexico is famed for its footwear and leatherwork manufacturing, though traditionally this is considered a trade passed down from generation to generation rather than as a fully-fledged industry. This study program is focused on formalizing the teaching and learning process by working directly with industry experts, and by equipping students with tools to develop their careers as entrepreneurs or in an established company.

Designers or enthusiasts experienced in design and using vector drawing programs, and who are keen to take their career to the next stage or enter the world of footwear and leather design.

Students completing the course will have a solid training in tradition footwear and leather design production techniques. They will also have an overview of the industry, and learn about design, materials, distribution and marketing, and therefore prepared to work as independent entrepreneurs or within a company producing footwear or leather designs.

Footwear design, basic silhouettes
Basic pattern designing, manufacturing and design techniques for footwear such as stilettos and ballet shoes.
Soft bag design
Pattern design, manufacturing and design techniques for soft bags with or without closures, as well as their component parts: handles, clasps and silhouettes.
Drawing and technical descriptions
Specific techniques for representing footwear, bags, belts and small items, as well as language used in technical descriptions.
Leather types and materials
An introduction to different types of leather and materials appropriate for accessory design, their functions and properties.
Digital drawing for accessories
Representing various accessories effectively with Adobe Illustrator.

Footwear design, Oxfords and Brogues
Pattern designing, manufacturing and design techniques for footwear silhouettes for Oxfords and Brogues, by producing two shoe prototypes.
Rigid bag design
Pattern designing, manufacturing and design techniques for rigid bags (rigid case and with frame) by making a prototype chosen by the student.
Designing belts and small accessories
Designing, patterning and manufacturing belts and various silhouettes for small accessories.
Digital rendering for accessories
An introduction to various Photoshop tools for effectively and accurately rendering various accessories.
Marketing strategies
A study of various online marketing and promotion channels and strategies, guided by leading industry professionals who share their experiences.

Honors degree* | Project portfolio | Letter of motivation | Curriculum vitae | Interview
* For CENTRO undergraduates, this specialization can count towards the degree requirements in lieu of a thesis.

August | Course length: 1 year (2 semesters) | Credits: 46 | Class schedule: Tuesdays and Fridays, 6.00pm-10.00pm.