Fashion Styling and Production
Official course registration, RVOE N° 20160726 | September 30, 2016


The fashion industry is constantly growing and developing, with creative profiles diversifying and becoming specialized. This graduate course teaches highly creative professionals how to interpret trends and propose visual strategies, advertising campaigns, events, fashion shows, publications, and overall direction required in the world of fashion styling today.

Design professionals and students who wish to acquire the tools and knowledge to work in fashion publications and companies, and who are able to analyze the evolution of the market in order to identify and anticipate future trends.

On completing the course, students will have complete knowledge about fashion production and will be able to develop comprehensive styling proposals that combine creativity, strategy, logistics, marketing and communication.

The specialization is divided into two semesters. The first is focused on acquiring and reviewing knowledge about art and styling, as well as directing creative enterprises and giving an introduction to the world of fashion publishing. The second semester looks at production, graphic communication and the implementation of knowledge in the fields of fashion publishing and photography.

Introduction to art management and concept creation
Create new concepts, recognizing the importance and need to reinterpret pre-existing concepts. Build different types of esthetics and develop basic concepts to create artistically coherent spaces.
Artistic styling
The world of artistic styling creation for all kinds of shows, in order to create visual narratives based on what has been produced.
Creative leadership
Managing projects with creative leadership, identifying the relevant functional and communication-related needs.
Introduction to publishing
Effectively handling the supervision of a chain of graphic production, as well as handling advertising guidelines.

Fashion event production
Acquire the specific knowledge for organizing fashion events, their characteristics, typologies and management, to give audiences a unique experience.
Graphic communication, media and social networks
The importance of graphic and visual communication, as well as implementing presentational strategies for fashion productions.
Styling in publications
Applying the concept of styling in the field of publishing, adapting integral design to different readerships, based on their individual characteristics, in order to achieve the desired styling.
Fashion photography workshop
Projecting the world of fashion through photography, using models, composing scenes and settings.

Honors degree * | Project portfolio | Letter of motivation | Interview
* For CENTRO undergraduates, this specialization can count towards the degree requirements in lieu of a thesis.

August | Course length: 1 year (2 semesters) | Credits: 50 | Class schedule: Mondays and Wednesdays, 6.00pm-10.00pm.