Fashion Marketing
Official course registration, RVOE N° 20160729 | September 30, 2016


Fashion has been a steadily growing industry for many years around the world. Mexico is no exception and therefore requires professionals with an in-depth understanding of this industry and its marketing strategies: specialists in trends and strategies to help position Mexican fashion as an important part of the country’s economy.
This specialization is about combining entrepreneurship with strong leadership, creating professionals who are influential risk-takers and promotors of competitiveness in this sector.

The Fashion Marketing specialization is targeted at all professionals interested in generating new trends in fashion consumption, based on the design, communication and implementation of strategies for potential consumers.

Students completing this course will have a thorough understanding of fashion and an ability to analyze trends. They will also be able to apply these skills to propose, design, and direct a marketing strategy to meet the demands of the fashion industry at various levels.

The specialization is divided into two semesters. The first includes a review and analysis of the various component parts of fashion marketing, its processes, and how trends are created. The second semester focuses on applying this knowledge to communication strategies, brand knowledge and management for the end-of-course project.

Contemporary marketing perspectives
Marketing from the demand perspective as the contemporary approach that must be used as a guideline for brands’ strategic decisions.
Creating the context in which fashion products – whether luxury, retail or mass-consumption items – are part of a system.
Understanding the brand as a narrative that encompasses the product’s values and the consumer’s aspirations as an intelligible whole.
Strategic analysis processes in fashion marketing
Strategic approaches to marketing decisions, recognizing their implications and particular aspects, in the context of the fashion industry.
Trend analysis
Analyzing and generating trends in order to set out forward-looking work plans, understanding trends as forecasting consumption preferences for a specific time horizon, in respect to lifestyles.

Integrated fashion marketing communication
Designing and justifying a fashion brand’s integral marketing communication strategy.
Fashion brands
Applying what students have learned from the collective imagination of branding, in the construction and development of fashion branding concepts, leading ultimately to consumer analysis and the environment to give the brand the efficiency it needs to prevail in competitive markets.
Management and innovation in fashion companies
Define the elements to be considered for the effective management of a fashion company.
End-of-course project
Apply the knowledge acquired during the course, demonstrating a capacity for analyzing research, segmentation and tendencies, where investigation, construction and communication methods make it possible to express complex and efficient brand values.

Honors degree* | Letter of motivation | Interview
* For CENTRO undergraduates, this specialization can count towards the degree requirements in lieu of a thesis.

August | Course length: 1 year (2 semesters) | Credits: 46 | Class schedule: Tuesdays, 6.00pm-10.00pm; Saturdays, 9.00am-1.00pm.