Lighting design is a relatively new field of study but one that has gained in importance in recent years. As proof of its relevance, 2015 was officially named by UNESCO as the “International Year of Light”. CENTRO understands its importance, and contributes to the study of this subject with a specialized educational offer that sets out to take an integral approach to the study of lighting in order to offer a broad range of opportunities based on the student’s specific area of interest.


Diseño de luminarios de alta especificación
Curso | Del 16 de febrero al 17 de marzo, 2017 | Descarga temario

Luz, arquitectura y diseño
Diplomado | Del 04 de marzo al 12 de agosto, 2017 | Descarga temario

Técnicas de representación de la luz y maquetas luminosas
Taller | Del 09 al 31 de marzo, 2017 | Descarga temario

Iluminación, arte y medios digitales
Taller | Del 20 de abril al 01 de junio, 2017 | Descarga temario

Iluminación para Renders
Taller | Del 02 al 18 de mayo, 2017 | Descarga temario

Luz natural y arquitectura
Curso | Del 04 al 26 de mayo, 2017 | Descarga temario