Designed by the CIEC Research Center, the Creativity and Innovation programs offer innovative techniques and pedagogical models for the development of the creative coefficient. Coaches offer an education based on theory and methodology, designed for the selective and strategic imparting of knowledge to help experts joint the different sectors of the creative economy.


Diseño y prototipado de futuros
Taller | Del 11 de febrero al 04 de marzo, 2017 | Descarga temario

Mindblower©. Preparatorio para certificación en Problem-Solving
Taller | Del 18 de febrero al 11 de marzo, 2017 | Descarga temario

Design Thinking: Boost para la innovación centrada en el usuario
Taller | Del 04 al 25 de marzo, 2017 | Descarga temario

Storytelling+Storymaking. Laboratorio de historias
Taller | Del 06 de mayo al 10 de junio, 2017 | Descarga temario