Our researchers


The CIEC Research Center is CENTRO’s department for producing, disseminating, proposing and implementing initiatives for the university to be competitive and a leader in its field.

Full-time research professor at CENTRO.
BA in Visual Communication (UCSJ) and MA in Communication and Languages (ICONOS). Ample teaching experience in analyzing audiovisual language, research techniques and photography.

Recent work:
Associate editor of Economía Creativa journal.
Database of experts in Economía Creativa (CENTRO 2014).
Project: “Toolkit of creative and innovation techniques” (CENTRO 2014).
Training manual: “Creative and innovative solutions” (CENTRO 2014).
Article: “Reality, modality, discourse of sobriety, social representations and the digital image” in Entretejidos Revista de Transdisciplina y Cultura Digital (ICONOS, Mexico 2014).
Article: “Analysis of visual representation of spontaneity in the lomographic portrait” in Athenagórica (UCSJ, Mexico, 2011).

BA in Art History (University of Barcelona), undergraduate lecturer and enrolled on her MA in Design Studies at CENTRO. Specialist researcher in best practices for design, art, architecture and urban design as tools with a potential impact on positive social change.

Recent work:
De la prioridad del peatón a la hegemonía del automóvil. (On the priority of pedestrians to the hegemony of the car). Animal Político (in Spanish)
Collaborator for Errata magazine
Toolkit 100 Tácticas Creativas para la Seguridad Ciudadana. (100 Creative Tactics for Citizen Security, in Spanish)

Full-time research coordinator and research professor at CENTRO.
BA in Communications (UAM-X), MA in Social Anthropology (CIESAS), PhD candidate in Transdisciplinary Studies of Culture and Communication (ICONOS). An experienced teacher of Semiotics and Anthropology at undergraduate and postgraduate level, a group facilitator, lecturer and researcher.

Recent work:
Doctoral thesis research project “Online representations of the subject” (ICONOS, 2015).
Coordinator of the boot camp for creative and innovation techniques, officially certified by STPS (CENTRO, 2014).
Coordinator of “Immersion compass” (CENTRO, 2014).
Coordinator of project to develop the national standard for certifying creative and innovation competencies (CONOCER, 2014).
Editor-in-chief of the CIEC academic journal Economía Creativa and the supplement Cuadernos del CIEC, (CENTRO, 2014).
Lecture: “The beauty of the face, the face of beauty” (UNAM, Mexico, August 2014).
Textbook: “The documentary as a crucible: Analysis of three classics for an anthropology of the image” (2nd edition, CIESAS/Universidad Veracruzana, Mexico 2013).
Visual anthropology column “Cinemantropos” (Ichan Tecolotl, Mexico, CIESAS, 2011-to date).

Founder and director of Torolab (1995), a workshop and collective laboratory of land research and contextual studies. BA in Architecture (Iberoamericana University, Tijuana), MA in Visual Arts (University of California, San Diego). His work has been exhibited at MoMA, New York; the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Denmark; Moderna Museet, Stockholm; and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney and elsewhere.
Prizes from the Rockefeller Foundation, the American Center, and the Cultural Agents Initiative at Harvard University. In 2011 Raúl set up and headed up the digital-creative component of the strategic plan for Tijuana, and currently he works as resident researcher at CENTRO, where he established (and continues to run) the Research and Applied Social Innovation Laboratory (LiiSA).

A multimedia artist with BAs in Audiovisual Media (KHM Academy of Media Art, Cologne) and Visual Communication (University of Applied Sciences, Düsseldorf).
His work has been exhibited in various venues and events, including the Busan Biennale of Contemporary Art, the Times Museum Guangzhou, and Kunstraum Innsbruck.
Lecturer at numerous international universities such as FH Düsseldorf; BAU Design School, Barcelona; North University, Barranquilla; and the University of Applied Arts, Münster.

Recent work:
2014 LOOP International Video Art Fair, Barcelona.
2014 imai Inter Media Art Institute, Düsseldorf.
2013 Organhaus Chongqing Gallery, China.
2009 LINZ’09, European Capital of Culture.

Philosopher, specialist in new media, MA in Systems Sciences (University of Louisville) and MA in Social Sciences (FLACSO). Undergraduate and postgraduate lecturer at EAFIT, UBA, FLACSO and CENTRO, among other education institutions. Co-editor of the Interlink Headline News journal.
Author of a wide variety of books, articles and conferences on the various intersections between education, technology and cognitive architecture.

Recent work:
Filosofitis (in Spanish)
Internet: the 21st century printing press (in Spanish)
Digital natives (in Spanish)