Creative Coding for Animation and Video


Generative or procedural animation and digitally composing complex special effects are all emerging and increasingly important fields and techniques in the arts and in the animation industry.

This study program focuses on teaching these processes, as well as interactive video, composition and special effects. A thorough knowledge of computer programming and rules for generating and processing the moving image opens the door to the expressive potential of digital processes and media, applicable to actual projects, meeting the demands of today’s creative industries.

Professionals or students with experience of working with the moving image either using video software or digital animation, making it suitable for film-makers, animators and designers who have an interest in digital composition, motion graphics and generative 3D.

Students will finish the course knowing how to use digital communication infrastructure with a creative mindset, not just as a user. They will be capable of implementing complex ideas in programing for audiovisual media, going beyond the possibilities offered by the graphical interfaces of video and animation post-production editing programs. They will also be fully equipped to develop algorithms for generating rule-based movement, mastery of 2D and 3D geometry and computer skills, thus enabling them to expand their creative and business horizons in creative industries and to increase their local and international competitiveness.

The specialization in Creative Coding for Audiovisual Media runs for two, 16-week semesters, each one divided into three subject areas, giving a total of six subjects of varying length, organized around three basic areas of learning which encompass specific aspects of the course: procedural animation, programming for audiovisual contexts, and digital production.

Programming principles and basics
2D procedural animation
Digital production

Programming: advanced processing and composition
3D procedural animation
Advanced digital production
Final project

Honors degree* | Letter of motivation | Interview | Advanced English
* For CENTRO undergraduates, this specialization can count towards the degree requirements in lieu of a thesis.

August 2016 | Course length: 1 year (2 semesters) | Credits: 46 | Class schedule: tbc