Activities Summary

Wednesday, September 26th: Inauguration where students met their workshop leaders and team members.

Dinner was served by Pixza, a social design initiative that employs homeless youth and serves pizzas made from blue corn and mexican ingredients.

Thursday, September 27th: Mexico City Visit

Participants visited several social design startups around the city using different means of public transport in order to get to know the social context of the city. Creative professionals spoke to the students about their design initiatives, some of them related to the 19S earthquake. Amongst these were Archivo, Museo de Memoria y Tolerancia, Verificado 19S, Ecoducto, Huerto Roma Verde and Casa Cervecera Cru Cru.

Friday, September 28th: Local Context

Students got to know the local context around CENTRO with visits to América neighborhood, Dolores cemetery, Espacio CDMX and Cárcamo de Dolores water installation. In the afternoon, participants made presentations about existing design projects related to their workshop topics.

Saturday, September 29th: 24 hours Emergency Design Workshop

Students participated in an intensive 24-hour design workshop. They were presented with a hypothetical emergency situations and asked to come up with design proposals related to their workshop topic.

Sunday, September 30th: Round table and Final Presentation

Students presented their project proposals and received feedback. Paulina Cornejo presented the initial ideas for a manifesto for an Emergency Design Force that responds to emergencies in cities.

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